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Magazine Articles and Video

May 2018 Issue
  • Guitarre and Bass (May 2018 Issue)
    - Read Vinny's latest CD review in this March 2018 issue of Guitarre and Bass Magazine.
March 2018 Issue
  • Vintage Guitar Magazine (March 2018 Issue)
    - Read Vinny's latest CD review in this March 2018 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine.
May 2014 Issue
  • Guitar Player Magazine (May 2014 Issue)
    - Read Vinny's profile in this May 2014 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.
December 2012 Issue
  • Guitar Player Magazine (December 2012 Issue)
    - Check out Vinny's latest riff great for a blues-rock setting in this issue of Guitar Player Magazine.
January 2011 Issue
  • Gitarre & Bass Magazine (January 2011 Issue)
    - Read Tom Riepl's "Stringbound" article in the Germany based magazine Gitarre & Bass. Tom's focus is on Vinny's CD, "2 Stratz Are Better Than 1". Tom says about Vinny, "He is not so famous in Europe but he sure is on the right track to win every Blues- and Guitar-Fan's hearts." Here is the article in English. For midi examples of the swing, go to the magazine's website; www.gitarrebass.de in the Sound-Files section listed under "Magazin"
July 2008 Issue
  • Vintage Guitar Magazine (July 2008 Issue)
    - "Shred-metal...just never did anything for me..." says Vinny in the article "Vinny Roth Classified Recording". Read up on Vinny in the "First Fret" section of Vintage Guitar Magazine.
December 2007 Issue
  • 20th Century Guitar Magazine (December 2007 Issue)
    - Vinny is listed in the article "Guitars Center Stage" as one of five featured quitarists making waves in the music world.
November 2007 Issue
  • Guitar Player Magazine (November 2007 Issue)
    - "Roth wins the award for Most Comments Posted Requesing A Listen". Read more detail in the "Editor Boy's Big Eight" article on page 34 in Guitar Player magazine.
June 2007 Issue
  • Guitar Player Magazine (June 2007 Issue)
    - Vinny is featured in "The Quick Lick" section page 119. See the video of Vinny's featured riff on Guitar Player TV.
September 2005 Issue
  • Guitar Player Magazine (September 2005 Issue)
    - Vinny is featured in this issue's Reader's Challenge with a blues lesson.
    Try it out on page 110.

TV and Film Work

Music and appearance contributions

You Don't Say Film
  • You Don't Say
    - Vinny contributed music and acting to this film.
Techno Storks Documentary Film
  • Techno Storks
    - Vinny contributed guitar work to this documentary film.
Drinking With Freshmen Film
  • Drinking With Freshmen
    - Vinny contributed writing and guitar work to this independant film.


Vincent Roth
Songwriter & Guitar player
Available for guitar lessons and recording sessions
Genre in all music styles especially rock, blues and funk
PH: 703-772-0840